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Over the course of a few years, SEO in Edmonton has gotten significantly more complex and challenging. Different search engines, i.e. Google and Bing are constantly evolving their search engine algorithms to improve their search platforms further, to provide the most relevant results for their users. If any business is serious, they will be taking advantage of the online platforms, as its the direction the world is going in. With most people using the internet on cell phones and tablets, a lot more emphasis has been put on sites being responsive.

Why you need Expert SEO services
Most recent additions to Google’s Page Rank, the name given to the algorithm used by Google, takes into account of engaging able objects available and the loading time of the website. Furthermore, the search engine has been inducted with artificial intelligence capable of semantic search.

All of these constant innovations of the search engine dynamics require websites to be optimized based on the most recent and updated protocol. This means with the course of time most of the SEO and Website related things that were not done properly will start to affect your rankings. Hence, it is imperative for a business or a website owner to select the best Edmonton SEO company to ensure the maximum visibility of your site and business. There are so many factors these days that make SEO challenging, and unfortunately mistakes can cost the ultimate price.

Specializing in Website Recovery also, Black Dog Marketing & SEO can help any website get back to its original rankings. A lot of companies have noticed there sites fall off the radar, and more than likely a Google penalty is the cause. Negative SEO attacks can also occur, but we can fix all these as well.

“A business website without good SEO is like a rudderless ship. Its floating but its not going anywhere”

Reasons to choose us as your Search Engine Optimization partner
Our teams of experts know Edmonton. From Whyte Ave to as far out as Red Deer we provide the most optimum and relevant search engine optimization, ensuring your product or services reaches its intended market. Specializing in Small Business Search Engine Optimization services, we will guarantee the highest return on investments. If your website currently ranks outside the top three search results, then your business is missing out on a significant portion of the traffic which could have been yours. Working with us will guarantee a place on the first page. Moreover, your website will be optimized along the guidelines of not only Google, but all the main search engines.

Page based optimization
Not only will our service help you and your business get the online visibility you desire, but we assure that every single web page manages to land in the top three spots in every relevant search. Our professional team of experts will be involved in tailoring each and every web page, making sure that every single page complies with every rigorous technicality necessary to be in the top.

Our processes are as follows
o Complete audit of the website
o Analysis of the degree of required SEO
o Analyzing the targeted market
o Completion Analysis
o Recommendations and Implementations

After our SEO consultants have analyzed every aspect of your website and business operation, we will optimize your website and content accordingly. Helping you achieve your objective of increased viewership, brand visibility, and awareness and the ultimate goal of increased sales and revenue.

With our Search Engine Optimization professionals, you are guaranteed an extremely professional experience with timely services right from the start. We are internationally renowned for getting remarkable results and rankings all over North America, including Vancouver, Toronto and all the way up in Saskatchewan and Yellow Knife.