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How to Guide | Clear Browsing History in Google Chrome

Welcome to Black Dog Marketing “How To Videos”. In this episode, we are showing users how to remove the history in Google Chrome. This is a very important technique to know when you are in a few different situations.

  • If you are sharing a computer with someone using the same Computer Logon.
  • If you do a lot of shopping online.
  • If you are looking for flights, hotels and holidays.

Firstly, let’s explain what a cookie is. In website terms, a cookie is what a website stores on your computer when you enter their site. It then tracks what you do on there and then when you return the next time it may target more direct advertising at you. It will remember your shopping cart and various other things. 

When you look at travel websites, you may be giving more than just your time to the travel agencies and websites. With the price of seats on a plane, you could be flying for half the price of the person sitting right beside you. It is a common known thing that travel websites store cookies on your machine which means they know what prices you have seen and what you have not. 


This is the first of many “How to Videos” in the series so keep an eye out for more to come. If you want to get in contact please email

How to Guide for Online Users

Welcome to Black Dog Marketing “How to Guide”. This is a series of short clips that will hopefully teach people of all ages how to do the simplest things on the internet and show the advanced users how to do things simpler.

The clips will range from WordPress, Chrome, HTML, mobile apps and many more. There are a lot of Elderly people who experience computer issues that are easy to fix if they see it somewhere. There is plenty of people who never grew up with computers and in this day and age they need to learn. 

The young generation have lived in a technological world which is awesome for them. We are hoping to show them advanced techniques that will speed up what they are doing and make everyone more productive.

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