Social Media

It is possible that Social Media could be the most important aspect of any business at this current time. When we mention social media in Edmonton, we are not talking about a basic Facebook page that has been setup. Or even a Twitter page that a store manager is tweeting about out what they ate for breakfast.

A businesses Social media needs to be managed properly and requires time and a strategy to take advantage of what it can provide. Most companies hire full-time employees to run their media campaigns, as they have realized the full potential of it and the added workload that it takes to manage. Running a proper campaign can take hours and even days, depending on what templates you are using or what you are posting and how regular the posts are.

Although doing a few tweets and Facebook posts is being active on social media, it is not harnessing the power that is there. Edmonton Social Media experts know that the campaigns need to be forever changing, to keep up with the latest trends and fads that the local community it experiencing. The main reason for social media is to get in touch with the community and give them a sense of trust.

Edmonton Social Media

Studies have shown that businesses and companies on social media are more trusted by the community. It is quite simple if you think about what you do yourself when you are looking for places to eat or contractors to complete some work. First of all you check on the internet, and then you read reviews. You will normally see a Facebook page, twitter page or a yelp page. 

In successful businesses, these are always updated, and when you check them you are receiving current up-to-date information. There is nothing worse then reading something online to find out that it’s out of date, or the store has shifted.

A lot of the smaller businesses that we have dealt with are scared of social media. They are not sure where they should start and have not had the time to look into it fully. A lot of smaller businesses also think because they have a website, that they do not need to worry about social media. Most of these issues can be forgotten once you talk to an Edmonton Social Marketing Expert.

Below are a few simple questions to determine whether you should talk to Black Dog Marketing & SEO about managing your Social Marketing.

  1. Do you know how to run Social Media Campaigns effectively
  2. Does your competition take advantage of social media
  3. If you are actively updating, how often do you update your Social Media profiles
  4. How many new clients and customers have you received from it.
  5. Is your time better spent doing your actual job then worrying about your social media?

If these questions have you thinking and you would like to know more, please get in contact with us and we can work out some strategies and get you on the road to Social Media Perfection.