In today’s world, a companies website is more than just a name in the phone book or a place to put random information. A website nowadays acts as a main source of customers, sales and traffic for most businesses. Google is the most trusted Search Engine, and they have no issues with taking a tough stance on the websites it puts at the top of its Results. This is why Website Recovery in Edmonton and Canada is so important.

There are quite a few ways your website can fall off the face of the planet.

  • Google Penalty – They range from over optimization, not enough content and spam penalties to the more serious Panda and Penguin algorithm penalties. These are all recoverable, but there is a lot of factors that can lead to the recovery time differing substantially.
  • Hacked – Security is paramount on websites today. With most businesses moving online, there is a lot of people that want to do harm to your site for multiple reasons. 

It may seem that Google and other search engines are out to punish you for any mistakes. This is simply not true; they have the responsibility to put the most relevant information at the top of the rankings. 

Recovery of Websites in EdmontonWith the amount of websites sitting at 180,000,000 and growing every day, it is very rare that an actual employee from the search engines will look at your site. A series of algorithms that are regularly updated scan the internet and decide from there how all web properties will rank. If it fails these algorithm tests, it can then be looked over by an employee, and this is how some people end up with manual Spam penalties.

A lot of smaller businesses make the mistake of trying to help their business and do so by hiring a freelancer SEO or a cheaper SEO expert. This usually has two results. A quick jump in rankings followed by a fast downward spiral to the very lower pages or the site goes nowhere at all from the start. What happens is the so-called SEO experts use disastrous techniques to get results quickly, and then once the search engines realize what’s going on they put a stop to it.

This is how most companies sites end up with penalties. It’s very unfortunate that so called professionals do this, but it makes the job of Recovery of Website Experts even more valuable. This service alone is very costly to businesses, but it is a must have. As most enterprises have a lot of resources tied in and around the sites, there is not much option.

For a smaller company, the decision has to be made whether to bite the bullet and create a brand new website. The issue with this is that most places already have everything pointing to their site. For example Business cards, letterheads, clothing. 

The reality is, a website is more important than ever, and changing that can have everlasting and cost worthy effects. There is a lot of big decisions to make, but a website is recoverable Ninety percent of the time.